Sean Heaney Estate Agents through years of hard work, have gained a solid reputation for professionalism and integrity

Sean Heaney has operated for many years during the changing market conditions and have acquired an extremely high level of experience overseeing many important and often challenging transactions within the area and have continually broken records achieving optimum prices on behalf of their clients. They have also built up an excellent network of connections within both the public arena and the property industry creating an efficient level of service combined with an admirable working ethos. 

Sean originally formed the agency in 2001 after working in the Barnet area for the previous ten years. He gained many years experience in the everyday housing market as well as overseeing numerous notable, high profile landmark transactions each of which he thoroughly enjoyed in equal measure. Sean conducted all business in the strictest of confidence and was very much involved with the day to day running of the company. His experience and expertise meant he was often enlisted as a consultant to developers and builders as well as high net worth individuals and investment companies on the strength of his extensive knowledge, contacts and years of experience working in an ever changing and often challenging market conditions. Sean's wife Antonia was very closely involved in the running of the business, upholding and sharing the same values and service culture that underpinned the ongoing achievements of the business and it's reputation as the local experts. Antonia and the experienced team (Gary Whittaker, Antonia Heaney, Angela Jones & Luke Louka) are very proud to continue the legacy created by Sean and continue to build on the success of the business, priding themselves on the friendly, knowledgeable and discreet service they provide.