Sean Heaney New Homes & Developments

Sean Heaney Estate Agents offer a selection of New developments for sale.

Details of our currently available sites can be found within our property search pages.

Barnet and its surrounding environs have enjoyed major housing redevelopment at various different levels in recent years from starter apartments to contemporary ‘one off’ super homes as well as significant improvements in local community infrastructure. Sean Heaney are proud to have been integral in the advising and selling of a number of these notable developments and shall continue to do so moving forward with an emphasis on sustainable build being of high priority whilst retaining the character and integrity of the existing landscape.

We are constantly in touch with a large network of local developers, and can advise on the sale or acquisition of potential development sites, as well as producing marketing strategies. We are happy to assist with ideas on projects from the initial drawings right the way through to the finished show house whether it be built from a hole in the ground, a period conversion or just a straightforward refurbishment. Having dealt with many landmark projects in the area over the years are pleased to offer the benefit of our experience to help optimise the value and saleability.

Please feel free to contact us on future developments.