Getting the sales through has been one of the most demanding tasks for agents in recent times. Its one thing winning an instruction then showing the house or flat leading to finding a buyer and ultimately agreeing a sale but its a completely different ball game managing the actual sale process.

Chains seem to be more common these days so its a skill in itself keeping in touch with all agents and respective solicitors in order to glean any information to help manage the clients/ buyers expectations and often it can involve a bit of counselling. It does take time and never has the term 'patience is a virtue' taken on so much relevance in this business. 

It can be a stressful time as things are, in reality, out of your control and very much in others hands but if you all have a common aim, it can be done. Its a case of keeping the faith.

I've mentioned this in a news article because we have managed to exchange on a couple of deals in the last 24 hours which really did look like could be dead and buried at one stage but with the right management and hand holding through the process, we got there in the end so I guess the message is that if you are going through this at the present time, stay positive. If its meant to, it will happen.